Life Settlements


A Life Settlement Can Provide Needed Funds

If a senior can no longer afford or no longer needs a life insurance policy, please don’t just surrender or throw away the policy! Let Johnson Financial Group find out how much money we can get for that unwanted policy for you!

Seniors these days are living longer, therefore they need more money to last them throughout their golden years. In many cases, the need arises for long-term care, or assisted living, or it may become necessary to receive care at their home. These services can be unforeseen at times, and very expensive, and the need to come up with such large amounts of money, sometimes unexpectedly, can cause additional emotional stress. But a Life Settlement could be an answer!

What Is A Life Settlement?

Simply put, a life settlement is the sale of an unwanted or unneeded life insurance policy for a lump sum of cash. Johnson Financial Group will work for you on your behalf, and will shop your policy on the open market to investors and find the highest cash offer possible for your policy. This amount can be many times more than if you just surrendered the policy for the cash value of the policy, or if you just stopped making payments on the policy.

The proceeds from a life settlement could pay for your housing or care, or purchase another policy or annuity. Perhaps you want the money to take that dream vacation, or to secure a future for your kids or your grand kids, or to get out of debt. The funds will be yours to use as you please!

Benefits To Policy Owners
  • Relief from premium expenses
  • Additional funds to supplement retirement income
  • Higher cash payout than the cash surrender value
  • Provides funds to seek treatments not covered by health insurance
  • Generate profit from a non–performing & often worthless asset
  • Alternative funding for LTC policies, annuities or other investments

How Does It Work?

Johnson Financial Group is concerned about the issues that concern our senior clients, and we are committed to helping them solve their funding problem in the most sensible and most efficient manner possible. So the first step in the process is – we listen. We hear what the problem is, and then we look at ways to solve the problem.

  1. We will look at all available options then decide which option is best for that client’s particular needs.
  2. If we decide that a life settlement will be the best option for the client, we will then explain the process and let the client know what to expect throughout the process
  3. Once the client understands the process we will then move forward in obtaining from the client what is necessary to get offers
  4. We will get from the client an application, authorization to work on their behalf, a copy of the policy, and medical information
  5. Once all information received is verified, we will begin negotiations with multiple investors and funding sources
  7. We will relay the highest offer to you, discuss the situation with you and let you decide whether or not to sell the policy
  8. If you accept the offer a contract will be issued, and rights to the policy are transferred to the purchaser
  9. You will receive payment within 24 to 72 hours, but reserve the right to change your mind for a period of time as determined by your state (recession period)
  10. There is never any cost to you at any point in the process, and you are never obligated to complete the process.

Why Work With JFG To Obtain a Life Settlement?

At Johnson Financial group, we always put our clients’ interests first, and if you allow us to work as your broker, we will work hard on your behalf negotiating with licensed funding providers to obtain the absolute highest offers available for our clients. Also, by choosing to work with us, you will have only one point of contact to follow up with regarding your application status, and your physicians and insurance company will only be contacted once for information, which can mean less delays in the underwriting process.

Offers made by life settlement funders can vary greatly, so it pays to work with a broker who will negotiate hard for you, negotiating with not one or two, or even three, but MANY funding sources.


If you are a senior who has a life insurance policy that you cannot or don’t want to continue to pay for, let us conduct a FREE APPRAISAL and find out how much cash you can get for the policy using a life settlement. To find out more information, give us a call at 443-807-7311, email us, or give us some information, and we will contact you.